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Blog description: I’m a Canine Community Reporter and a Canine Blogger. I write all my stuff from a Canine’s perspective. I want people to recognize me so I wear a really cute hat, my favorite sunglasses and a T-Shirt that says “Community Reporter. . .in training.” That way when people see me wearing my outfit and my PetCam, they will know exactly who I am. Want me to interview you?

About the blogger(s): Kathy Tarochione is a Pet LifeStory Designer and owner of Picture A Moment Pet Productions. She creates custom gifts designed for PETS and the People who love them using Photography, Digital Art, Video & 3D Animation.

Mandie is her Dog, Canine Community Reporter & Blogger. She reports the news from a dog’s perspective about the fun things happening in her community and all of her friends (canine & feline) communities.

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