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Blog description: About The Daily Barker: The Barkers Dozen, a homemade, certified organic dog treat partnership based discussions about dog ownership, so man’s best friends (and their humans) can live long, healthy and tail-wagging-filled lives The Daily Barker focuses on the ups and downs of pet ownership, covering the challenges and the benefits, as well as the sweet and bittersweet moments of living with a furry companion. It will cover pet trends, products and news, as well as provide expert columns where dog owners can seek advice, from how to acclimate a puppy to a new home to grieving the loss of a beloved pet. Another area of particular focus is health and wellness, as this is closely tied to the mission of its parent, The Barkers Dozen. particular focus is health and wellness, as this is closely tied to the mission of it parent, The Barkers Dozen.

About the blogger(s): With a passion for providing Homemade Organic Pet Treats. With a growing worry of unsafe pet treats, they decided to start a local and organic dog treat business where our customers could feel safe and secure about what they fed to that loyal member of their family. The Barkers Dozen treats use the highest-quality, human-grade organic ingredients and are made in a variety of shapes and sizes to satisfy any furry friend. Our gourmet dog treats are made on demand and in small batches ensure the freshest product possible for our customers, without using artificial preservatives The Barkers Dozen celebrated its first year in business in 2010, and to mark the occasion, redesigned its Web site and rolled out an interactive, virtual storefront as well as The Daily Barker blog and e-newsletter.

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