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Blog description: The Pet Tree House is designed on the same concept as a child’s tree house. It is an imaginary place were pets can go to get some time away from you…the spoiling pet parent! In this blog I write stories about animals, and welcome your comments. Feel free to share your stories! Tell what makes your pet special to you! Ask questions and give advice! It doesn’t matter what type of pet you have…all are welcomed at the “PET TREE HOUSE!” Remember…No Pet Parents Allowed!

About the blogger(s): I love writing articles about animals. In my blog, I write informative articles about animals and their care. In my blog you can expect to find a variety of articles, including: animal events being held at the Washington Humane Society, The Washington Animal Rescue League, and any other agencies that need help in getting the word out on animals in need. When I am not writing, I spend time on my Facebook page, “All Animals Welcomed!” crossposting animals in need of a forever home or medical care. My passion is animals…I love all of them!

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