Tiffany’s Diamond Dogs

Tiffany's-Diamond-DogsLifestyle dog blog about three canines and their human counterpart named Tiffany. The dogs are Bella the Blue Heeler, Terra the Australian Shepherd, and Kronos the CowDog Mix. Join us on our adventure as we learn about and explore the worlds of Dog Fashion and Modeling, Pet Nutrition, and an active lifestyle. Professional Models, Trick Dogs, Breed Ambassadors, Entertainers, Responsible Breeding Advocates, Rescue Helpers, Mascots, Athletes, Actors, Product Testers, C.E.Os, Companions, Best Friends, and Simply Dogs.

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About the blogger(s): Tiffany is a commercial, stock, and freelance photographer, entrepreneur, blogger, and studio dog trainer/handler. She enjoys spending time with her fur-kids learning tricks, creating photos, going on walks, filming videos, playing Frisbee, and more.

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