Without Borders Boxer Rescue

Blog Name: Without Borders Boxer Rescue

Complete Blog URL: http://rescueaboxer.blogspot.com/

General category: dogs

If breed-specific blog, name of breed(s): Boxer

Blog description: Without Borders Boxer Rescue works tirelessly to find forever homes in Canada for Boxer dogs in need of a second start.

Since 2004 we have rescued and placed hundreds of wonderful Boxer dogs. We could not do this without you. Without Borders Boxer Rescue (WBBR) is an organization of volunteers who are dedicated to finding loving forever homes for homeless Boxers and promoting responsible pet ownership. We are affiliated with Boxer Rescue Los Angeles and work with other rescue groups, shelters, veterinarians and breeders to help achieve our goals.

About the blogger(s): This blog is updated regularly by Chantelle Yates & Jennifer Kaiser. We are both volunteers heavily involved in WBBR. Chantelle is also a dog trainer who founded WBBR several years ago. Jennifer has 4 Boxers of her own and is a dedicated Boxer mom with hands on experience with dogs.

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