Words of a Foster

Words-of-a-Foster“Words of a Foster” was originally created as a way for me to document, share, and remember my adventures in fostering. My intention is to spread awareness about fostering and to create a network of support for new and old fosters alike. Included along the way are tips and tricks on surviving the worst of the foster nightmares, how to get your foster adopted, how to let go of your foster once they’ve found a furever home, and what to consider if you are thinking about fostering for a local shelter or rescue. Even those who don’t or can’t foster can learn how to get involved with the animal rescue community!

Additionally, I cover all aspects of responsible pet ownership, from how to handle various behavioral issues to how to choose the appropriate food for your furry friend. Everything found on Words of a Foster is based primarily on my own experiences as a dog and cat owner, with lots of attention paid to healthy, natural living.

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About the blogger(s): My name is Blair, I’m 26, live in San Antonio, TX, and I foster for Animal Care Services – Foster Friends. Currently, I am the only writer on “Words of a Foster,” but I am very interested in getting a few guest writers to post their experiences and advice in regards to fostering and owning a pet. As for me, I own both a dog- Mia- and a cat- Clark- and I normally have a foster animal as well. Usually I foster dogs, though I have fostered a kitten before. I am a huge advocate for animal rescue and ending animal cruelty, and I am very passionate about responsible pet ownership.

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